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At Lake House Day Nursery we recognise and up-hold the widely accepted belief that the ‘early years’ of a child’s life are the most important of all.

First and foremost, we aim to provide a warm, caring, family-like environment where the child is nurtured and supported.

This, in turn, enables the child to feel at home and consequently grow in self-confidence in a happy, relaxed setting.

It is on this fundamental basis that they can then go on to develop a broad range of skills that may give them a thirst for knowledge throughout their lives.

We believe our children flourish because they feel happy and secure in the atmosphere and environment provided for them.


As with other aspects of life, education is a journey, not a race. If our children enjoy their education at the beginning of their lives, this paves the way for them to feel positive when they go to school.

We treat each child as an individual and their strengths and talents are observed and encouraged.

Positive reinforcement is used in preference to negative feedback. Young children learn by example and this is used to teach respect and consideration by the members of staff in the way they treat the children and each other.

We organise our layout to ensure that the children are not in one room all day, but have the same freedom of choice as they would have at home; probably even more so, since we adopt a Montessori layout.

For children who attend full time, it is important for them to have the option to sit and watch the birds, or read a book…and not be ‘working’ all day. They need to relax as well, and we create opportunities for them to do this.


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