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Nursery opening times

Nursery opening times are 8:00am - 5.45pm Monday - Friday, excluding public and Bank Holidays and the three working days between Christmas and New Year. Full day sessions are offered, although half day (4 to 5 hours) sessions are occasionally available upon request.

Our team

We believe a nursery is only as good as it's team. We have a very dedicated team, several of whom have been with us for many years. We are proud of our very low staff turnover - it’s unusual. We continually receive extremely positive feedback from students on work placement and occasional visiting staff.

When recruiting a new member of staff we look for something special in the candidates which will complement our existing team. Our fair selection processes identifies the very best applicants, who are fully vetted before their employment begins.

Every staff member has something unique that they can offer, but what they all have in common is dedication, kindness and a genuine love for working with young children.


We have a qualified Chef who prepares a wide range of tasty dishes using fresh produce, whilst following the latest advice given by the Government. He also regularly caters for ‘special diets’.

Our team sit and eat with the children at lunchtime and teatime and good table manners are encouraged. Meal times are a social occasion that the children enjoy and most children end up eating a wider variety of foods with their peers than they might do at home.

Afternoon tea is served late by most nursery standards; this best serves the child and parent in case the children go to bed early or fall asleep on the way home.

  • We aim to provide a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • We use wholemeal bread, rice and pasta, and virtually no artificial additives.
  • We aim to use low amounts of salt and sugar.
  • We use organic stock cubes that contain no Monosodium Glutamate (unlike OXO and other cubes).
  • All of our cakes are home-made and less sugar is used than the recipe dictates.
  • We ‘hide’ vegetables in soups, casseroles, Bolognese, curries, and pilafs.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared for the babies and they snack on rice cakes, vegetable sticks and fruit.
  • Fresh fruit is served mid-morning and with afternoon tea.
  • Salad items are included with afternoon tea, i.e. carrot, cucumber, celery sticks and baby tomatoes.
  • A ‘sweet tooth’ is not encouraged! We do not offer any sugary drinks, but encourage children to drink water.
A breakfast is provided until your child reaches 24 months.

Nursery Curriculum

We follow the Early Years curriculum, a parent’s guide can be found in our publications section. The seven areas covered by the early learning goals and educational programmes are:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language
  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Montessori method

We have integrating Montessori methods into our daily routine. The Montessori Method is an educational approach that encourages independence and allows a child to develop in a natural and individual way.

Our set-up goes one step further in that a child can choose to participate in the Montessori provision as and when they like. In practice, they end up experiencing a wide range of activities and concentrate on what they need to be concentrating on at the right time for them.

Children have ‘sensitive periods’ when they spontaneously soak up and learn certain things. The Montessori Method caters for this because they can choose and complete exercises at their own level and in their own time.

​Our practical life section is full of everyday approaches where children learn pouring, washing, cleaning, dusting, tidying and fine motor skills, which they love!


We have staff who have completed training in Makaton and it is widely used throughout the Nursery.

At circle time the children sing and sign their good morning song. The babies are also taught signs for 'please', 'thank-you', 'more', 'milk', and 'water'.


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Outdoor area

We have a secure outdoor play area with plenty of play, numeracy and literary equipment and a good covered area with tables and benches. 


This provides scope for imaginative play and the development of physical skills, both of which are fun and promote self-confidence.


The children participate in gardening and grow herbs and flowers, which encourages their curiosity of the natural world around them. 


All year round, the children may join in selected activities in the garden including sand and water play, watering the flowers and exploring nature. 


Music is very important to us and we expose the children to a wide range from the baby room onwards. We play classical, traditional, multi-cultural, and nursery rhymes both as an activity and as background music. 



  • Caring, dedicated staff

  • Flexible hours by arrangement

  • More than one room for each age group, which offers variety

  • Separate, secure outdoor play area

  • Gardening

  • Access to Information Communication Technology (computing)

  • Music time with instruments

  • Art/Craft facilities

  • Sand/Water play

  • Home Corner

  • Book Corner

  • Construction toys

  • Practical Life Section (Montessori)

  • Ball Pit and indoor play equipment

  • Music & Movement


What our parents say

Our son loves going to Lake House. He learns so much thanks to the varied and structured curriculum - all cleverly disguised as fun activities that he very much enjoys.


The staff are absolutely wonderful. They always ensure we’re kept up to date with our son’s progress, and have fully supported us when we have wanted to make progress on specific development needs such as walking and potty training.


The onsite chef makes plenty of varied and nutritious dishes, which encourages our son to try new foods. In fact, I think he eats better than us!"

Christine Westcott – Marketing Manager

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