Information for New Parents

 Settling in Procedure

We prefer children to settle in gradually, over a period of days or weeks, with up to 5 settling visits included in the registration fee. Gill, our Care Liaison Manager works parents helps to introduce the child gradually until they are happy and settled. The time to settle a child varies from one family to another, as each child’s needs vary.

We contact the parents one month before their child is due to start. On the first visit the parent is introduced to their child's Key Worker and they go through the child's routine in detail with them. This ranges from stages of eating and sleep patterns, to likes and dislikes. We then start with a one hour visit and arrange the days and hours to suit the parent.


This period is just as important to the child as it is to the parent. If we feel the baby/child is unsettled we make the visits more frequent but for shorter periods. Our aim is to make this transition from home to nursery as happy as possible, and with limited upset.


We find that by the end of the settling in period the baby/child is happy and settled, and the parent can be assured their child is safe and happy in our care. 

We don't know of any other nursery that offers such a gradual introduction to nursery life, and we believe that this approach is by far the kindest - taking into consideration each child's individual needs, every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

Free Early Education Hours

Lake House Day Nursery participates in the Government scheme to provide children with Free ChildCare Hours. Please refer to the Government website for details ( or call Leanne at the Nursery if you have any questions about the scheme. We are advised, by Bristol Council, that the earliest you can apply to the HMRC for 'extended free hours' funding is when your child reaches the age of 34 months. N.B You may be eligible to claim for other financial support to Help paying for Childcare from the Government, to find out more please use the Government’s website using the link below.


We encourage your child to eat as healthily as possible. Jozef, our Chef, introduces the children to healthy foods by incorporating them into tasty, child friendly dishes, which are made from scratch. Jozef avoids using chemicals, artificial flavourings, colours and additives as much as possible, whilst providing the children with a wide variety of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables on a daily basis and meals with low sugar content. Please let us have any ideas for meals or snacks and please share with us any recipes, which your child may like. To see our menus, click here


Each child will be given their own named peg. Please provide a bag containing a change of clothes, slippers and nappies (where appropriate) and a photograph of your child. In winter, please make sure your child has a coat, gloves and hat for outside play. In the summer, please provide a sun hat and sun cream. We advise providing shoes and slippers that are easy for your child/children to put on by themselves.

How you can help?

Please notify us of any changes to your circumstances or any problems or worries that may adversely affect your child. If a separation, divorce or death occurs in the family, you can inform us in confidence. It is important for your child that we understand what they may be experiencing at home.

Parents as partners

Parents, please feel free to approach us with any feedback, queries or suggestions that you may have. We would welcome your skills, talents, pets, religious festivals, celebrations, interests and hobbies as resources at Nursery. If you would like to visit Nursery with any of the above, please speak to Leanne …for example, you may wish to come in dressed in uniform, to sing, dance, do Yoga, wear national dress, celebrate a religious festival… we are very open to ideas. Please be aware of the notice board in each room, which will keep you up to date with the activities of your child and the Nursery. Please feel free to look at your child’s Learning Diary or speak to staff, at any time. We have individual Review Meetings twice a year when you will have the opportunity to speak to your child’s key person. If you would like a meeting at other times with your Key Person, Room Leader or the Manager, please ask and we will be happy to arrange this for you. There are Correspondence and Communication Sheets or Communication Books, which will be filled in by the staff and sent home to parents who will then add any comments or information about their children and return them to Nursery the following day the child attends. This keeps the lines of communication wide open and ensures a two- way relationship is maintained so nothing falls through the net. There are also 2 Suggestion Boxes, one in the Conservatory at the back entrance and one in the front hallway.

Complaints procedure

We try our best to provide a high quality of childcare and service. If, however, you have cause to complain about any aspect of the Nursery, please speak or write in the first instance to: Leanne Bailey (Nursery Manager) Gillian Jones (Care Liaison Manager) or Susan Papier (Registration Holder) At the earliest convenience we will arrange a meeting and agree a time limit for the concern to be resolved. If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome we will arrange another meeting. All telephone and verbal conversations and meetings will be recorded, dated and signed. If at this point you do not feel the situation has been satisfactorily resolved, you may contact; OFSTED Tel: 0300 123 1231

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones or any devices with a camera is strictly prohibited whilst on the premises, at all times. Thank you.

Sebastian Bear, Harrison Bear and Troop of Monkeys

‘Sebastian Bear, Harrison Bear and Troop of Monkeys’ all live at the Nursery. They have their own suitcase and change of clothes. The children can take them home with them for an overnight stay, when they have something to do or somewhere special to go. They have already been all over the world, to weddings, parties…and sometimes they just enjoy a quiet sleep-over. We have lots of photos and souvenirs on the notice board! The children really enjoy talking about their time with them, and it makes for a really interesting, enjoyable and educational group time. Please do ask to take them home with you!

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