Information for New Parents

 Settling in Procedure

We prefer children to settle in gradually, over a period of days or weeks, with up to 5 settling visits included in the registration fee. We gradually introduce the child into our setting so that by the end of the settling in sessions the child is happy and settled. The time to settle a child varies from one family to another, as each child’s needs vary.

We contact the parents one month before their child is due to start. On the first visit the parent is introduced to their child's Key Worker and they go through the child's routine in detail with them. This ranges from stages of eating and sleep patterns, to likes and dislikes. We then start with a one hour visit and arrange the days and hours to suit the parent.


This period is just as important to the child as it is to the parent. If we feel the baby/child is unsettled we make the visits more frequent but for shorter periods. Our aim is to make this transition from home to nursery as happy as possible, and with limited upset.


We find that by the end of the settling in period the baby/child is happy and settled, and the parent can be assured their child is safe and happy in our care. 

We don't know of any other nursery that offers such a gradual introduction to nursery life, and we believe that this approach is by far the kindest - taking into consideration each child's individual needs, every step of the way.

Sebastian Bear, Harrison Bear and Troop of Monkeys

‘Sebastian Bear, Harrison Bear and Troop of Monkeys’ all live at the Nursery. They have their own suitcase and change of clothes. The children can take them home with them for an overnight stay, when they have something to do or somewhere special to go. They have already been all over the world, to weddings, parties…and sometimes they just enjoy a quiet sleep-over. We have lots of photos and souvenirs on the notice board! The children really enjoy talking about their time with them, and it makes for a really interesting, enjoyable and educational group time. Please do ask to take them home with you!