Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again

. . . And what do we teach our children?

All children have the right to be valued. They are curious, inquisitive, adventurous and resilient with their own opinions, thoughts and ideas about their world.

At Lake House Day Nursery we believe the children learn most effectively through respectful relationships and interactions in a happy, loving, and stimulating environment.

Play is the young child's work. The object of their efforts is the creation of the adult they will become. The child shows an inner need to learn to know themselves and their world. They want very much to develop their intelligence, to learn to control their motions precisely, to explore and order their impressions of the world, and to become independent and responsible.

We believe in giving children the necessary space and time to develop their innate creativity, thereby fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Each child has a key worker who is responsible for their care and learning diary. Learning diaries are always available for parents to read and are completed to report any relevant information regarding the child's progress and include photographs covering the day's activities. 

There are information boards in each room where parents can keep up to date with information about their child’s day and there are correspondence sheets and books in place which enable parents to be partners.


Parents evenings are held to report the child's progress and for parents to have access to their child's learning diary. Parents are also welcome to make appointments with staff at any time.

At Lake House Day Nursery we feel very privileged that the parents entrust their children to us - to care, nurture and educate at such a young age.

Our Aims

We provide many opportunities to meet the child's natural interests. The atmosphere is positive, supportive and non-competitive.

The freedom to make choices greatly enhances the child's motivation and helps develop their powers of concentration


We encourage independence by enabling the children to access resources independently and put them away carefully.

We offer opportunities for the children to interact with each other, or to be alone.

We encourage a balance between action and calm, noise and quiet.

We offer a wide range of natural resources in our 'practical life' area which don't pre-determine children's play.

We celebrate festivals through celebration, documentation and display to show learning is taking place.

We build on children's strengths and interests to promote their confidence in themselves as learners

We provide secure links between home and nursery. New babies and children are given up to one month of settling in time. We work in liaison with parents and introduce the child gradually until they are happy and settled. Transitions from each age group are dealt with in a similar way. 

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Our settling in period provides inclusion for all children regardless of disability. We ensure that the Disability Act and the SEN code of practice are implemented during settling in. We work in partnership with parents and carers and listen to the views of the child.

Provision for disabled children with SEN is relevant to everyone in our nursery and all staff are made aware of the individual needs of the children. We will seek to offer and apply for the appropriate level of support for individual children.


Lake House Day Nursery actively promotes diversity and values all differences by celebrating different cultures, religious festivals and social practices. We value all our children and adults for their individuality and we ensure a sense of belonging, by respecting where they come from, what they achieve and what they bring to our learning environment.

As a group we work towards valuing and respecting the different origins, religious cultures and languages in our multi-cultural society.

The Adult's Role at Lake House

  • To provide a home from home environment
  • To identify the children's strengths
  • To record, monitor and evaluate the children's progress to enable them to move on to the next step
  • To encourage independence with offers of support when required
  • To celebrate the children's significant achievements
  • To challenge, support and extend the child's learning by promoting language, numeracy, and problem solving skills
  • To value the parents and carers, and work in partnership to establish relationships built on respect and trust
  • To balance between large and small groups and independent work
  • To balance between child initiated and adult led experiences to promote learning that will support the child's confidence
  • To balance between inside and outside learning oppurtunities
  • To provide a balanced curriculum that reflects all areas of learning
  • To create time for planning and reflection
  • To provide evidence of children's learning
  • To make records of planning, with outcomes and evaluations
  • To speak with children, parents and carers about the child's learning
  • To provide information on the notice board in each room, covering daily planning, festivals, activities and multicultural topics

The information that we collate for each child is used to identify the child's progress across the seven areas of learning, and to inform future planning both at individual and group level. Planning will identify clear learning objectives and reflect differentiation's to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve and progress.

Privacy Notice

We need a Privacy Notice to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our notice sets out how the Nursery collects and uses personal information. A hard copy of the Privacy Notice can be found on notice boards around the Nursery.

What our parents say


Lake House is a very friendly nursery with warm, caring, approachable staff and a family-style atmosphere. I have always loved the way all the staff say hello to my two boys and know their names even if they're not from their particular rooms.


The chef is very friendly and cares about the children's diet and knows the children well. I always feel that my children are safe and happy at the nursery.


They have a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities and learn so much through play. The learning diaries kept by the staff show how well the staff know and observe the children, and how they develop their skills through play and practical games and activities. Structured times such as meal times appear well-supervised and give the children opportunities for social interaction with other age groups.


One of the reasons that I feel Lake House works so well is due to the presence of the Manager, Gill, who is very hands-on with the children and her staff. She's often around the nursery rooms, not just in an office, so she knows exactly what's happening. Also, having male members of staff is a great asset to the nursery.


Thank you!"


Tracey Henniker - Speech and Language Therapist


I have got to know the staff at Lake House over the past two years and I really appreciate their ability to create a “home from home” environment for the children. They’re second-to-none."


Antoinette Wilson

I chose Lake House because it felt like an environment that would suit my (then unborn) child. The children seemed happy and engaged with the staff.


We now have two children there and we’re very happy that they’re well looked after, well fed and have plenty of opportunity to do things we don’t do at home, especially the messy play.


I had no idea what to look for in a nursery when we were looking. But for us, location close to home and to my husband’s work was important.


Both our children enjoy themselves and bring home lots of paintings and things they make.


The staff will call if the children are unwell, and explain what’s wrong. They re-check their temperature within an hour, so if you do have to come and collect them at least you have an hour warning at work. Not all nurseries will do this."


Catherine Leask - Doctor


"We love the nursery because it does so much more than look after the children!


The staff are very friendly and approachable and delight in the children. It genuinely seems like they enjoy their job, and the children love it!


They learn social skills and develop whilst having fun, and it really is like a family."


Ruth Bartlett – Doctor

Lake House is a vibrant fun nursery where the children are encouraged to develop through play.

It’s a happy and safe environment and the standard of care is excellent.


We are so pleased to have found it!"


Clare Savvas – Project Manager

"My children love it at Lake House nursery!


They have great fun everyday. They get on very well with the staff, love the food, love the activities, and have made great friends there.


It gives me great peace of mind as a loving parent to know how much my children enjoy going to Lake House nursery."


Carole Morris – Customer Insight Manager


"For us there has been no question where our second child would attend nursery after the fantastic four years that our daughter had.


Their development both in terms of key stages, but also social and emotional, has been fantastic and has always felt an extension of how we are as a family.


Always flexible and supportive, they have taken away any additional stress that may occur being a working parent."

Jo Kennedy – Head of Customer Services